Electric cars would need grid with 5 times the power?

Hi all,
Prof Ted Trainer contacted me about something during last week and let slip that he’d read an Ulf Bossel paper that reported that due to inefficiencies in Electric Vehicles we’d need 5 times the grid power. (Ulf Bossel is the head of the European Fuel Cell Forum… who I have already linked to on my Hydrogen page due to a great podcast he presented for “The Watt”.)

This post is not about that. 😉 I’m still investigating the EV = 5 * grid claim. That guy on the left is not Ulf Bossel or Ted Trainer. 🙂

Instead, he is Professor Chris Rhodes. I stumbled upon his blog Energy Balance googling the Bossel EV thing, and found a very interesting energy blog indeed. I am an activist, not a scientist, but after 4 years of reading this stuff I must be developing a subconscious set of experiences that help me “pick” more balanced peak oil writing and more objective reporting of energy data. This Chris Rhodes character seems to have that vibe. I’m quite jealous of his scientific “street cred”. He contributes to Scitizen.com which writes:

Professor Chris Rhodes is a writer and researcher who became involved with environmental issues while working in Russia during the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. He studied chemistry at Sussex University, earning both a B.Sc and a Doctoral degree (D.Phil.); rising to become the youngest professor of physical chemistry in the U.K. at the age of 34.

His post on Hydrogen is going on my summary page for all things Hydrogen. Great stuff!

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