Let these posters "nag" for you!

I have tried to design informative yet still dramatic posters. Sometimes a bold image and striking heading can sink into the conscious mind faster than text. Other times, a dramatic heading might attract curiosity which then encourages a little reading — so I cram more information onto those posters. I’ve tried both approaches.

The posters can do a lot of peak oil “nagging” for you, so download these free posters and put some up today!

Post legally

Please post legally on public notice boards — unless you get permission to post on shop windows, etc. I would hate my posters ending up as liter and giving the peak oil movement a bad name.

Try your library, university, shops, etc for public notice boards. Adopt a notice board on your weekly or fortnightly routine, and check on it as convenient.

Do 5 or more at a time
Print 5 posters, and then hold them together and cut the dotted lines 5 posters at a time to speed things up. Keep them in your car, or folded in half in your bag. Keep a little box of thumb -tacs and sticky tape. And have fun!

Microsoft Word.doc posters are for you to edit the tear off tabs.
If I do a PDF poster I probably want that to stay as is, usually to advertise a certain group or cause I’m passionate about. Please read about that cause (such as Simpol) and consider why I’m supporting them, and if you are convinced it’s a good strategy, why not join that cause and print out posters for them as well?

But if I supply a poster in a Microsoft word file, you can edit the tear off tabs down the bottom to refer to your website, group meeting, phone number, whatever you want. I just want awareness to get out there! So by all means, edit these posters for your purposes. Thank you.

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